A squirrel is an active, small and a tailed rodent which belongs to the group of sciuridae of  medium size rodents that has claws which are suited for climbing the branches of trees. When the squirrel is jumping.the tail acts as a rudder which enables it to swerve. This jumping capabilities come in handy when the squirrels wants to enter an attic. When that happens, the animals can cause a lot of damage to the interior not to mention the frustration from the noises. Squirrel removal Toronto experts recommend to their clients to have a good idea of how the squirrels can get into an attic so to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The squirrel has teeth which are shaped like a chisel with each jaw holding a pair of incisors They mostly stay in nests which they build using grass and leaves or in the tree hollows. This rodent can last for a period of between five to ten years and their skins can be used for making linings and coats among others. The big questions which needs to be asked is, what should you do to get rid of The squirrels from your attic? The following actions can be done to reduce the number of squirrels in your attics.

a) Monitor the tress in your neighborhood and make sure that you prevent these animals from jumping and climbing into your house using the neighboring trees by fastening a sheet on the trees and trimming the branches.

b) Check your house if it has any points of entry for the squirrels by looking at the weak areas and gaps in the corners of the house. Seal any openings and entrances that may be caused by joints cables or pipes which enter the building.

c) Make sure you avoid trapping any squirrel in the attic and if you are sure that there is a squirrel in the attic set a trap to catch the squirrel and covet the trap with a blanket.

d) If there is no squirrel in the attic, seal it by covering any spaces and holes which the rodent may pass through.

e) One can also scare the squirrel using sound which can either come from the radio by turning it on into a station which will enable the squirrel to hear human voices clearly.

f) You can use flash lights to scare the squirrels from entering the attic by installing flashing lights in the attic and leaving the lights on.